Tuesday, June 5, 2012

castle rock trees

Many of the trees in this area have a very lively character.

Sometimes I find that a photograph is ready to use right out of the camera, without any cropping or other adjustment.  For me, it doesn't happen very often.  This is one of those images.


Anonymous said...

I like so many parts of this--the delicate bits in the foreground, the strong tree trunks furher in, the shadows, the soft branches against the dark ones, the colors....Amazing that it came just as it is!

JimA said...

This is just a perfect (natural) composition of light/shadows, curves, leading lines, etc. It is a feast for the eyes to gently explore and enjoy. Great job, Roger.

Roger Morris said...

Thanks, Jim. I'm glad you like it. I think the middle-ground tree is doing the hula.

I try to shoot as in the projected color slide days, when my creative input ended with the shutter click. But I usually end up doing some cropping and adjusting, so it's a happy exception when they aren't needed.