Tuesday, July 17, 2012

fish out of water

Yesterday's photo is the one I was after artistically, but I offer these to complete the visual story of the tug "Earnest's" unusual ride.

In this side view, the tug seems much bigger than the hoist.

Now suspended in the air, the tug seems dwarfed by the Travelift when seen from the front.

As "Earnest" settles onto her blocks, we can see that she really needs some work.


lindy said...

The importance of being Earnest. Hopefully he will have a good haulout. Old wooden vessels are, simply, such treasures.

Sometimes, when you're working on them, "treasure" isn't the word that comes to mind. hah.

Roger Morris said...

Yah- sort of a tarnished treasure, perhaps. It looked like extensive work required. But she had fair lines...