Friday, April 12, 2013

night city 2

Here is another latticework scene from K's place.  This landscape abstract photograph was taken a week ago this last Monday.


Anonymous said...

This photo is vibrating; demanding to be heard. It makes a sound of the rattling a loosening metal rooftop makes in a storm, then the metal twists to the side with the gusts.

Roger Morris said...

Yow! Sounds like a sleepless night.

Years ago there was a simulated night hurricane exhibit at Planet Ocean on Virginia Key in Miami. I walked along the veranda and heard the howl, saw the sheets of rain, the rattling and banging. Then I walked out the other end into the nice quiet exhibit hall and thought, "Well, that was enough of that!"

Anonymous said...

Exactly! how interesting that you saw a replication of precisely the stormy Florida experience your photo evoked...and yup "quite enough, indeed!!"