Monday, November 28, 2011


"Big Logs" was taken the same day I took the photo in my title banner, at Ruby Beach on the Washington coast.  In fact, I was standing on the big weathered log in the foreground of the header image.

"Beach Sentinel" is on the beach near the mouth of the Elwha River.

"Big Logs"

"Beach Sentinel"


Marian Morris said...

Somehow the logs in 'Big Logs" remind me of iguanas- as if they may slowly raise themselves, turn, and pause. Maybe it's because I know they are in the process of being moved by the water. The misty background makes the scene look prehistoric, too -very cool..

Elsbeth McLeod said...

Yes, when I first clicked on the Big Logs, my instant impression was of bodies sprawled about. But being a figurative artist, I saw them as human. Or maybe I've been looking at the site,
too long!