Wednesday, November 23, 2011

memory's vault

These photographs of the Memory's Vault art installation at Fort Worden are also on display at Copper Canyon Press, along with the battery photographs which I posted here yesterday.

Memory's Vault is a sculpture garden located near the batteries.  My brief write-up on the Vault follows these photos, and explains its connection to the Copper Canyon Press.

My photos will be on display at the Press through December.

"Memory's Vault"


"The Kingdom"



(this is the boulder which now resides in the
original vault once used by the Corps of Engineers)

"History Turns a Corner"

"Uh Oh"

"Throne of Victory"

Memory's Vault

Take a Poetry Hike on the Fort.

Tucked into a wooded grove atop Artillery Hill at Fort Worden is one of Washington State's public art treasures: Memory's Vault.

The sculpture garden is built on the site which housed members of the Army Corps of Engineers who were responsible for the design and construction of the batteries at Fort Worden.  The original concrete vault in which the plans for the batteries were kept has been incorporated into the art installation.  This vault and a battered concrete platform are all that remain of the original Corps of Engineers barracks.

Sculptures of concrete, bronze, steel and stone by artist Richard Turner provide a complement to the original vault, and echo the nearby battery structures.

Leading to the vault, seven concrete columns bear enameled plaques with poetry by Sam Hamill, co-founder of Copper Canyon Press, the country's premier poetry publisher.  Copper Canyon Press has operated at the Fort since 1974.

Memory's Vault was constructed in 1988.

From the Memory's Vault Title Column:

"Memory's Vault is a work of art created through the efforts of the artist, individuals and state agencies working collectively to mark in a new way an important place in Washington's history.  It is a place for contemplation- of nature, of man and his intentions at Fort Worden."

Sources: Ann Katzenbach, Yvonne Pepin, Bob Francis

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