Sunday, March 4, 2012

dry falls

I did this plein air painting near Dry Falls in eastern Washington a year ago last fall, didn't like it, and finally tweaked it in the studio.  It might be like training a bonsai- I had to wait a while to see what to do next.  At this rate, it should be done in a few years!

"Dry Falls"
oil on panel, 9"x12"

An interesting geological aside:  A LOT of water raced through here when the ice dams gave way during the last ice age, carving these dramatic coulees.  Nice and dry now, though.


Anonymous said...

However you tweaked it, it gives a great feeling of what it's like over there. I miss sagebrush!

Roger Morris said...

Thanks. I just redid the foreground composition a little, to make the shapes work better with the rest of the painting. It does seem to have that nice dry feeling.

Marian Morris said...

It's a really nice painting, and reminds me of being there!