Monday, March 5, 2012

new lake aldwell

Lake Aldwell, west of Port Angeles, Washington, is pretty much gone now that the dam has been removed.  The Elwha River and gravel bars remain.  We painted there last Thursday afternoon.  After scraping off my first painting- apparently a time-honored tradition among painters, I quickly dashed off this one looking in the other direction (away from the sun which, of course, had moved into my original view).

"New Lake Aldwell"
oli on canvas, 6"x6"


Elsbeth McLeod said...

Yes, I used to lie about that practice on at least half of my paintings... maybe we all did in the '70s.... good to know it's okay now to scrape and repaint! A beautiful piece, Roger. Well worth the scraping!

Roger Morris said...

Thanks, Elsbeth! The other one was getting to be impossible. It was ok when I started but the sun moved and I ended up squinting right into it. It was much easier when I turned around and looked in this direction.