Tuesday, December 27, 2011

canyon clouds

I am getting into a winter frame of mind.  Here is a view from Hurricane Ridge in nearby Olympic National Park.  This is another of my photographs that seems to be improved in black and white.

The ridges and peaks in the park will sometimes be above the local cloud cover, especially in winter.


Anonymous said...

I like this, the triangles flow, alternately dark, medium dark, lighter and not so light. B&W Photography when we're sailing is likewise very defined and satisfying to this viewer.

Roger Morris said...

Thanks, Lindy. It's a very zig-zaggy composition, and contrasty, but it was fun to see. In this photo, as in probably much of sailing imagery, going to black and white helps prevent the blues from dominating.

I'm starting to appreciate how a little color here and there can be so effective when it's not overdone. And often no color at all is better than too much. I remember Jeanne said once of her paintings, "It's all about the grays."