Friday, December 16, 2011

webster's woods 2

Here are some more images of the art in its environment from our visit yesterday to Webster's Woods, which surround the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center.

The Art Outside program keeps the Woods stocked with new works each year, along with some continuing displays from previous years.

The art is everywhere in the park- up, down, near and far.  Sometimes you have to look closely.  Some, at first glance, seem to be just a natural part of the woods.  Closer inspection reveals them to be installed works of art.

"The Leaners," sculpted by Viva Jones


Anonymous said...

Ah, there they are. The Leaners. They are a little shy, but nonetheless pleased with the attention.

Roger Morris said...

Yes, and they are so colorful. Thanks to M for learning their name. I may return to the Center soon to learn the names of the rest.