Saturday, December 10, 2011

lunar eclipse

The first part of the eclipse was visible through cloud breaks.  I started watching about 0430 local time this morning.  As the eclipse deepened, the cloud breaks became fewer.  These photos were taken just before the moon disappeared for the last time.  The glow in the lower right of the first photo is from the lights of the city of Sequim.

Where's the moon?  I was hoping to see it in the picture below as well, closer to setting.  For an example of how the brush is mightier than the lens, see M's excellent painting of the scene as it could have been.


Robin Weiss said...

Glad you recorded this Rodger! I heard about it but we had clouds here in Poulsbo. Very cool!

Roger Morris said...

Yes, it was fun to see the eclipse- until our clouds took over as well. I stayed ready for one more glimpse near the horizon and enjoyed instead a very peaceful dawn.