Thursday, December 15, 2011

webster's woods

Today we visited Webster's Woods Art Park, the five acre "museum without walls" which surrounds and leads to the Port Angeles Fine Art Center.

PAFAC is the Westernmost center for contemporary art in the contiguous U.S.  The Center will close its doors for the first three weeks of the new year to sort out budget difficulties, according to a story in the Peninsula Daily News.

The Center's website suggests falling into a rabbit hole is a fitting metaphor for much of the Webster's Woods experience.  It's certainly a magical place.


Anonymous said...

magical, thanks for the visit to this lovely place. sure hope they manage to have funding. the gallery, the wood; precious. (BTW as i go to post this, the word verification is

Roger Morris said...

Haha. That's great about the verification word.

I love strolling through the woods. It's such an enchanted place. I was going to use the rabbit hole metaphor before I found that it was already used on PAFAC's website.