Thursday, December 8, 2011

sauvie island paintings

Here are two small paintings I did this fall on Sauvie Island, on the Columbia River near Portland, OR.  These were done during an Eric Jacobsen workshop.  Eric was a good instructor and a gentleman- he didn't paint on other people's paintings.  His demos were a joy to watch.  He has a wonderfully loose painting style.

Sauvie Tree
oil on canvas, 6"x8"

Sauvie Field
oil on canvas, 6.75"x9"


Elsbeth McLeod said...

So love your painting style, Roger. These are rich and textural. And it seems you made every moment count during your trip to Sicily! We'll come and see your photos at Quimper Unitarian.

Roger Morris said...

Thanks, Elsbeth. I am pretty happy with how these turned out. It was an inspiring workshop and location.