Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sicily churches

Here are the remaining two of my photos which went up at the Unitarian Fellowship yesterday.  I picked images of churches and cathedrals which we had toured in Sicily in part because of their style interest.  They tend to accumulate design and ornamentation details over the years from the religions of the successive ruling powers: Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman.

These photos will be on display at the Fellowship through February, 2012.

"Church of St Mary of the Admiral"
Palermo, Sicily

"March of the Columns"
Monreale, Sicily


Anonymous said...

The march of the columns photo is delightful. Clicking on the photo to enlarge highlights the individual "legs" and their respective artistic designs.great angle.

Roger Morris said...

Hi, Lindy. So glad you like it. We were told that each pair of columns in the cloisters told a different story. Such diversity! Hiding within apparent uniformity.